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The External Network
The doBank Group utilises both its own employees, all of whom are highly skilled and experienced in analysing, managing and monitoring the debt collection process, as well as a network of more than 1,600 external associates including approximately 1,000 lawyers and some 600 brokers and other professionals such as chartered accountants, notaries and financial services agents, all highly experienced in their respective fields.
  • A useful working tool for Lawyers: Professional Current Account

With a Professional Current Account, a Lawyer can pay all his Court fees online without physically having to go to any authorised dealer to purchase revenue stamps or to make payments, or go to the Court Registry Office to make payments.  

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  • How to join the doBank Network

We select External Professionals, Debt Recovery Companies and External Lawyers throughout Italy and offer to enter into a freelance professional collaboration agreement with them, governed by a specific Preferential Loan Management Agreement.

Being part of the doBank network means being able to count on an in-depth knowledge of the NPL market, solid loan management experience and specific, qualified training.     

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