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Debt collection and loan recovery

  • Activities relating to the administration, management and recovery of loans by judicial and non-judicial means.

Management of lease payments

  • Management and reallocation of assets lodged as security against outstanding loans and movable assets covered by terminated lease agreements (such as motor cars, machinery and boats).

Due Diligence

  • Data gathering and organisation in data-room environments, as well as consultancy with regard to loan analysis and valuation (i.e., Due Diligence).


  • Structuring of securitisation transactions governed by Law. No. 130/1999, as well as exercising the role of "responsible party" within the scope of securitisation transactions.


  • Co-investment in loans portfolios with primary financial investors where such activity is crucial to obtaining Servicing contracts. This activity is performed by subscribing to take a minor share of issued securities from securitisation vehicles governed by Law No. 130/1999.