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Professional Current Account

Professional Current Account for online payment court costs

Outline: Online payment via the Computerised Public Process

The online payment of Court costs - including consolidated fees, administration fees, photocopying costs, etc. - supplement and complete the Public Computerised Process. These can be paid by following the instructions indicated on the Ministry of Justice's Computerised Services Portal  or via an enabled Access Point available at many Law Society offices or those provided by other private bodies and companies.

Professionals Current Account: simple, quick… Professional!

With a Professionals Current Account , via the aforesaid channels you will be able to make all Court cost payments online without having to physically go to any authorised dealer to purchase revenue stamps or to make payments and, obviously, without having to go to the Court Registry Office to make payments!


In brief, you will be able to:
  • Pay all your Court costs to any Italian Court on your computer via an electronic funds transfer and receive a digitally signed receipt confirming the payment made.
  • Access to your Account in the comfort of your Professional offices or from any other location via the "online" Multi-channel Banking facility.
  • Request a Professional overdraft facility, which is subject to bank approval.

How it works

Once opened, all you need to do is to:
  • connect to the Computerised Services portal or the enabled Access Point via your computer log on
  • identify the case and the document to be lodged
  • select the type of court cost to be paid
  • confirm the payment

You will receive a digitally signed Computerised Receipt via whatever channel you are using (Portal or enabled Access Point), which you can then use as proof of payment for the lodged documents.



All further information on the Professional Current Account and the Professional Overdraft Facility, as well as details regarding the applicable terms and conditions can be found on the information sheets available to customers at the doBank offices and branches, or by go to the Information Sheets page of the website.
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