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Auction Mortgage Loans
The Auction Mortgage Loan is a doBank product specifically designed for people who want to buy a residential property at an auction but don't have the money readily available to do so. A solution designed to expand participation at the judicial auctions, in executive proceedings and real estate bankruptcy, thanks to the specialized skills in the sector facilitating potential buyers who intend to participate in sales experiments.


  • Obtain the necessary liquidity in time to meet the execution dedline specified in the procedures

Other useful information

Through its internal Real Estate department, doBank also provides expertise and specialisation in the marketing of properties from court auctions.
For information on the Real Estate services offered by doBank, please see the relative page.

For information on the services offered by Real Estate Services, please write to: realestate@dobank.com


All other information regarding Auction Mortgage Loans and relative terms and conditions can be found in the Information Sheets available to customers at the doBank offices and branches.
For more details you can:
  • send an e-mail to: mutuoinasta@dobank.com 
  • phone the toll-free telephone number 800.44.33.94 (Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 17.30)

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