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Strategy and Equity Story
doBank is a leading player in Italy in the management of non-performing loans in favour of Banks and public and private investors.

Following the acquisition of Italfondiario in 2016, the doBank Group has become the main independent Servicer specialized in the NPL management with EUR 77 billion of GBV at 31 December 2017, i.e. more than half of the NPLs managed in outsourcing by the banks, and nearly one third of the gross NPLs present on the Italian market.
€213 mln revenues
at 31 December 2017
€77mld GBV
at 31 December 2017
1.188 employees
at 31 December 2017

Its over 17 years’ experience in the management of NPLs -as well as its proved track-record- allowed the Group to develop long-lasting relationships with the major Italian banks and with some among the major international investors operating in Italy.

doBank Group is a Group specialized in managing both performing and non-performing loans.

The Group has developed a range of ancillary services related to servicing and including collection, processing, and provision of real estate and legal information for debtors.

doBank is the Partner to whom banks and investors may wish to rely on for the entire credit management process.

For many years, the doBank Group has boasted the highest Servicer Rating of the Italian market assigned by S&P and Fitch Ratings. doBank and Italfondiario were the first Italian players of this industry to achieve such acknowledgement in 2008.

Due to its size, experience and the technologically advanced and scalable IT platform, doBank is able to absorb and manage the in-flow of new loans, even of significant amounts.

The doBank Group intends to pursue the strengthening of its Leading Position in the NPL management segment by continuing to:
  • increase both the volumes and the profitability of its own core business
  • expand its business in the Ancillary Product field
  • co-invest in selected securitization opportunities of NPL portfolios