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Financial Highlights
€ million 2017 2016 (1)
Ricavi Lordi 213,0 206,2
Ricavi netti 194,9 188,4
EBITDA 70,1 64,3
Margine EBITDA 33% 31%
EBT 68,1 64.2
Risultato netto 45,0 40,4
 1. Pro-Forma
  2017 2016
Asset Under Management (GBV) € 76,7 mld € 80,9 mld
Collections € 1,84 mld € 1,70 mld

Managed Portfolio: EUR 77 billion

After the acquisition of Italfondiario in 2016, the doBank Group has become the largest independent Servicer specialized in the NPL management with EUR 77 billion of GBV (Gross Book Value) at 31 December 2017, which are equal to more than half of the NPL volumes managed in outsourcing by the Banks and nearly one third of the gross NPLs of the Italian market.
The volumes managed by the Group, which went from EUR 2.5 billion in 2000 to EUR 77 billion (as at 31.12.2017), highlighted its growth capacity and success in the assets under management activity.

Collection: EUR 1.84 billion

Throughout 2017, the doBank Group collected EUR 1.84 billion related to the loans under management.

Thanks to its servicing expertise and business model, doBank achieves a steady and progressive improvement in the loan collection times and in the costs thereof, thus enabling its clients to maximize their returns.

Revenue: EUR 213 billion

The business model of the doBank Group is based on multi-year Servicing Contracts with Banks and Financial Investors generating stable and highly predictable revenues as well as robust cash flows.
The loan management on behalf and on mandate of third parties has always been the traditional core business of the doBank Group, since it represents 92% of the consolidated gross revenues as at 31 December 2017.

The doBank Group provides its clients a full suite of services including Ancillary Products relevant to commercial, real estate and legal activities through the Group Companies IBIS, doRealEstate and the Judicial Management Division, which represent nearly 8% of the gross consolidated revenues as at 31 December 2017.

EBITDA: EUR 70,1million

The asset structure of the doBank Group is robust with a Common Equity Tier1 Capital amounting to EUR 141,5 million at 31 December 2017 with a CET1 ratio equal to 26% -far above the regulatory requirements set by CRD IV. Finally, the Group credit risk is significantly lower compared to a traditional bank.

Consolidated Net Profit: EUR 45,0 million