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Information on Cookies

What are Cookies

Cookies are short text strings that visited websites send through to the user's browser (i.e.: the programmes used to browse the Internet, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer) where they are stored and transmitted back to the same website the next time the user visits the site. While browsing, the user's browser may receive Cookies from various parties other than the owner of the visited website (so-called "third party cookies"). You can find out more about cookies on Wikipedia.
There are different types of cookies, such as technical cookies, which run activities that are strictly related to the operation of the website and do not require specific user approval, and profiling cookies, which are used to take the user to advertising messages in line with the user's preferences as detected while the user is browsing the web and require the user's approval.

The user will only ever receive technical cookies from this website. In particular, this website uses:
  • Browsing or session cookies that are used to store the user's browsing preferences and to improve the user's browsing experience (for example: to make purchases or to log in so as to enable access to restricted areas);
  • Function cookies, which are used to provide specific services on the site (for example, the choice of Italian or English).
The use of these cookies does not require approval from the user, who is in any event free to disable the cookie on his/her own browser (see infra).

How to manage cookies stored in your browser

The user can set up his browser to notify him/her about the presence of cookies and can then decide whether or not to accept a particular cookie. Furthermore, the user can delete previously installed cookies via the browser's Preferences function. If the user disables all cookies, the functioning of this website may be compromised. Information on managing cookies can be found at the following addresses: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer.