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In compliance with the instructions issued by the Bank of Italy, the doBank Shareholders Meeting has approved the "2017 Remuneration and Incentives Policy" (the "Policy") drafted in accordance with the "Supervision provisions regarding the corporate organisation and governance of banks" as contemplated in the Bank of Italy circular No. 285 dated December 17 2013, and subsequent updates.

More specifically, the Policy establishes the criteria applicable to the remuneration and incentives paid to the most senior members of staff and other staff members responsible for strategic oversight, management and control.

The principles and standards envisaged in the Policy are also extended to include doBank subsidiaries, as applicable for the purposes of planning, implementation and monitoring their respective remuneration procedures, plans and programmes.

In drafting the Policy, in addition to keeping in mind the size and (limited) operational complexity of the organisation, the doBank Group's business model and the consequent levels of risk to which the organisation could potentially be exposed were also taken into account. One of the stated objectives was to draft a remuneration system that is consistent with the company values and long-term strategies and objectives, with the company results properly configured to take into account the risk, the share capital and the level of liquidity required, and to avoid any loopholes that could enable the beneficiaries of the Policy to take any action in breach of the regulations or to take excessive risks on Group's behalf.