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Save the Children

The doBank Group together with Save the Children

The doBank Group has entered into a partnership with Save the Children and supports the "Spazio Mamme" centre located in Rome's Torre Maura district.
Since 2016 the Group has been supporting the centre with the aim of making a contribution towards improving the living conditions of socially disadvantaged mothers and children living in conditions of deprivation in the municipal district of Rome.
The "Spazio Mamme" centre is situated inside the Save the Children's Punto Luce complex and is a meeting place where mothers and children can get tangible help in the form of food aid, psychological assistance and legal aid, as well as educational activities tailored to their individual assistance needs.
The aim is to accompany these mothers through a process of improvement on how to take care of their own children and how to manage their finances in order to facilitate the emancipation of their family unit from their conditions of deprivation. 
Also thanks to the important work that Save the Children does every day, the funds collected go towards improving the living conditions of around 300 children.
Together we can still do much more. 

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"Save the Children is the largest independent international aid organisation that works to physically improve the lives of children both in Italy and around the world.
The organisation operates in 122 countries providing healthcare, emergency response and educational programmes, as well as programmes aimed at protecting children against abuse and exploitation.

Since 2011 the organisation has been involved in creating Mothers' Refuges in some of the toughest neighbourhoods of big cities, with interventions aimed mainly at children from birth to 6 years of age so as to give top priority to the growing needs that emerge during the early years of life."